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Featured Character: Katrine "Kat" Silver (844)

Katrine Silver - Kat to her friends - is a tall, dark haired young woman of wiry build, the illegitimate daughter of a black smith and a minor noble woman. She chooses clothes for comfort and practicality rather than fashion. A bit of a tom-boy, she persuaded her brother's fencing instructor to teach her to fight with a rapier as soon as she could lift one, for her soul always longed for adventure! This instructor became a father figure to Kat, and the chief influence in her life. Her one desire now is to follow in his footsteps by becoming an honourable warrior. Part of this dream was recently fulfilled when she was accepted as a follower of Palindur, as he was, and she is proud to have been thought worthy of a term as Steward of the Tower of Honour. Kat fights clean, and always tries to treat opponents with respect. Her soul revolts against cruelty and injustice, and she looks forward to helping to rid Antar and its surrounds of evil in all its forms. She is perhaps a little intense, but laughs readily enough among friends.