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Featured Character: Talon (645)

Physical Description: Elf male, 70 inches tall. Talon prefers dark purples and blacks for his clothes and armor, below long flowing cloaks. Talon has sharp features and striking black eyes. A low talker, and stone face are his typical demeanor Outlook: Talon's opinion of himself and elves in general are very high. However, the elves taking a back seat to human, dwarf, or some other lesser beings in Varna was more than he could take at one time. Therefore Talon, had a very draconian view of the world, and used others solely for his own betterment. In addition, Talon's bloodlust was quite high. Overtime, Talon has been able to channel this energy to better serve himself and those few around him he considers friends. The good nature of Zandari rubbed on him quite a bit, and seeing Vulnavia lose her soul to Moridel, showed him that more civilized methods were necessary and preferable to achieve one's goals.