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Player's Guide

for members of the

Adventurers Guild(tm)

© 1990, Entertainment Plus More, Inc. - All Rights Reserved

designed by Hugh Bayer and John Garvey
with considerable help from Shane Swamer and Ed Clemons

Entertainment Plus More, Inc.
P.O. Box 2578
Appleton, WI 54912-2578
Phone: (920) 749-1677

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Rates & Policies
( Cost, Player ID#s and Accounts,
Turn Processing, Automatic Battle Plan Option,
Problems & Questions, Reward for Recruitment,
Entertainment Plus More Philosophy)
Adventurer Creation
Battle Orders
Playing Hints
Getting Your First Turn Back
Stat Sheet Terms Explained
Health & Energy Status Percentages
Using your EP & KP
Filling Out the Improvement Form
Making Changes to Battle Orders
Other Things to do
Weapon & Armor Charts

Guild Life

Adventurer Groups
What to do with all that Gold and Treasure
Extra Actions & Special Actions
Challenge Fights
Combat Messages
Dream Challenges
Team Combat
Travelling Between Guilds
The Guild Library
The Varna Calendar
Getting More Involved in AG

Antar Information

Barstow Information

Ciston Information

Deathsgate Information


How Adventuring Works
Filling Out the Adventuring Form
Adventuring Combat Orders
Improvements While Adventuring
Glimpse Into Adventuring Mechanics
Death While Adventuring
Widely Known Adventuring Sites
Miscellaneous Adventuring Info
Hired Companions
Commissioned Companions
Wilderness Adventuring
Advice from Fellow Guild Members



Combat Magic
Combat Magic Skills
Magic Points
Advanced Magic Skills
Magic Items & Services
Commissioning a Magic Weapon
Commissioning a Magic Storage Device
Magic Research


Combat Skills
Non-Combat Skills
Training in Skills
How to Use Combat Skills


Map of the AG world (in pdf only)
Hex Map (in pdf only)
List of Items Available for Sale in all Guilds
Extra Action & Special Action Summary
Combat Message Summary
AG Combat Flowchart (in pdf only)
Dragonspawn Info

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